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Handbag is an feature-length documentary about the unsung story of the fag hag, and her role as a gay activist, told through four generations of Australian women.

The term 'handbags' refers to the unique relationship between gay men and straight women. Monica Davidson is a devoted handbag and self-declared fag hag. It runs in the family - her grandmother was a ‘beard’, her mother a disco diva and AIDS volunteer, and her three kids are all part of the GLBTIQ rainbow.

This heartwarming, hilarious and fierce documentary explores the historical and academic background of the 'fag hag', the pop culture character versus the socially awkward stereotype, and the real women who have loved, supported, protected and advocated for gay men without a single moment of their own in the spotlight.

Finally, the story of the fag hag as told by the women themselves,
and created by an all-female creative team.

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