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The making of HANDBAG

Handbag is a documentary that's been a long time coming, a total labour of love for the handbag family and all our friends. Here are a few shots of the behind-the-scenes journey so far...

Monica and the Handbag Float
Phoebe at Work
Mon, Fag Hag, Disco Diva
Phoebe the Ham
Mon and the Handbag Dancers
Jock, Mon and the Handbag Dancers
Victoria the Miracle Worker
Mon and her Kids
Naomi and Mon, Writers Unite
The Fags and the Hag
The Handbag Dancers
Edit Script
Claire at work
The Timeline
Big Gay Ice Cream
Monica, Director and Fag HAg
Phoebe the Shooter/Producer
Andrew, Only Male DOP
Sound Recording Fag Hags
Mon at Work
Rock and Doris
Corey and Mon
HANDBAG - Take One!
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