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Reviews for HANDBAG


HANDBAG has been chosen for release by OUTtv, the world's first LGBTQ+ television network. Here's what viewers, fans and influential friends have thought about the movie.


Dave Singleton, author of Behind Every Gay Man There's a Fabulous Straight Women


"I just finished watching Handbag. What a gem - full of heart and soul and humor... It's still hard for me to hear that term (fag hag) in a casual way, since it's filled with such homophobia and misogyny and represents an insecure needy straight girl and an emotionally stunted, marginalized gay boy. Watching this brought back for me how passionate I was when I wrote Behind Every Gay Man about debunking that stereotype and raising up the "agenda-less friendship" that holds such a powerful but under-appreciated spot in our culture. On the other hand, I liked how you embraced its historical relevance (in the older days there were reasons for the truth behind the stereotype) and the humor in it, which in a way is owning the joke, you know? And then you addressed how times have changed... And p.s. the musical numbers add so much fun and color to the film!  What a terrific addition to complement your story and the interviews."


Robert H Hopcke, author of A Couple of Friends: The Remarkable Bond Between Gay Men and Straight Women


"It's GREAT! So many wonderful layers to your exploration of the topic and I love everyone of them.  The personal aspects of Monica's experience and her mother and her grandmother's are so moving and real.  I of course ADORE the recreation of the classic movie scenes, the individual interviews are perfectly balanced between male and female voices and POVs, and the sweep of ages and experiences really puts the topic into a very illuminating historical context that makes  sense of the connection. Likewise the international dimension of it - it's really a great achievement.  And the opening sequence is AMAZING  What a joyous, varied, deep, and personal film!"

And here's what some fans had to say....

"I thought it was wonderful!  So genuine and beautiful, and genuinely interesting. Congratulations!"

"I really loved the story and shed a few tears."


"So glad I got to see this gem of a movie."


Catch her on OUTtv and SBS On Demand!

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